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Ayurveda India’s Native Wisdom In Health And Medicine Is Quite Simple But Great Medical Science To Explain And Treat Human Bodies Normal Functioning Called Physiology, And Abnormal Functioning Termed As Pathology Or Diseases. Since The Purpose Of Treatment Is To Bring Abnormal State Of Body Back To Normal State Hence Importance Of Keeping Our Body In Balanced State And Understanding What Is Normal Health Is Quite Important. Knowing What Is Health Is Also Important Because, Because Of Wrong Eating Habits And Living Style Few Abnormal Changes Have Become Part Of Our Life And We Have Accepted Them As Such, Believing That Unhealthy Stage As Healthy One.
Ayurvedic Concept Of Explaining Health Described In The Form Of Shloka Is

&8220;Sam-doshaha Sam Agni Shcha Sam Dhatu Malakriyah! Prasann Atma Indriya Manah Swasthya Ityabhidhiyate!!&8221;

This Simple Shloka Is The Basis Of Ayurvedic Concept Of Health. To Understand The Meaning Of Total Health, Meaning Of Every Word Of This Shloka, Needs To Be Explained. First Word Of Shloka Is:
SAM-DOSHA, Which Is A Sanskrit Word Having Two Roots, Sam And Dosha. Sam Means Balanced Or Equilibrium State Where As Dosha Is A Complex Phenomenon, Which Includes Total Living Body In Biochemical Forms, And These Innumerable Biochemical Substances Divided Into Three Groups With Specific &8220;Gunas&8221; Or Qualities Termed As VATA, PITA AND KAPHA Expressed Through Different Features. So Sam Dosha Means Balanced State Of Biochemical Levels Of Body Like Balanced (normal) Blood Sugar, Balanced (normal) Blood Urea, Balanced (normal) Cholesterol Or Fats Etc. Modern Medical Science Labels Body As Healthy Or Diseased By Determining Levels Of Blood Biochemistry Like Normal Level Of Blood Sugar Up To 120 Mg. Per Hundred Ml. Of Blood, And Normal Blood Cholesterol (total) Up To 250 Mg% Etc. Ayurvedic System Of Medicine Explained All These Phenomena Thousands Of Years Ago In A Simplest Term Called SAM DOSHA So You Can Be Called A Healthy Person If Your Doshas Are In A State Of Equilibrium Or Balance. Next Word In Shloka For Health Is

Sam Agni – Again Sam Means Balanced And Agni Means Fire. The Term Fire Is Not That Simple As Fire From Matchstick Or Gas Burner In Kitchen. It Is A Complex Phenomenon In Our Body Having 13 Types And Most Important Of Them Is Called Jathar Agni Where Jathar Means Digestive System And AGNI Again Means Fire, So Jathar Agni Means Digestive Fire. This Fire Is Most Important Biological Factor On Which Is Based Total Health Of Body. An Important Characteristic Features Of Fire Is Considered As Power Of Converting A Substance From One Form To Other Like Solid Into Liquid And Liquid Into Gaseous State, For Example Ice Into Water And Water Into Vapors (gas). Digestive Fire Has Greatest Power Of Conversion, It Is So Powerful That It Can Convert Food, Which Is Normally A Non-living Substance Into A Living Form, Which After Digestion (conversion Into Simpler Form) Gets Absorbed From Digestive System, Reaches Blood Circulation And Through Blood It Reaches Every Cell. While Reaching Brain Cells It Starts Thinking, On Reaching Cells Of Heart Muscles It Starts Pumping, While In Cells Of Kidney Tissues It Starts Filtering, Where As In The Cells Of Lungs It Starts Gaseous Exchange Etc. So The First Body Fire, Which Comes In Contact With Food, Is Called Digestive Fire It Has Great Power Of Metamorphosing Food Into Different Forms. Thus Conversion Of Food Into Living Biochemical Form Depends Upon Agni, If This Agni Is Low, Conversion In Body Will Be Slow Or Low Metabolic State, In Case This Agni Is High Or Hyper It Can Cause Burning Or Over Cooking Again A Diseased State And If This Agni Is Sam As Explained In Shloka, Body Is In A State Of Health. So To Be A Healthy Person We Must Have SAM AGNI. Therefore Every Effort Should Be Made To Be Aware Of State Of Agni And Keeping It Balanced By Wise Living Style And Eating Habits, Like Physical Activities And Avoiding Too Cold Or Too Heavy Foods That May Adversely Affect Digestive Fire. Third Word Of Shloka Is

Sam Dhatu – Made Up Of Sama And Dhatu Means Balanced Dhatus, Or Balanced Physical Constituents, Unit Of Bodies Constituent Is Cell, Which Forms Tissues, These Tissues Make Organs And Body Systems, Coordination Between Various Body System And Their External Manifestation Is Called Life Whose Study Is Called Ayurveda (Science Of Life) So For A Body To Be Healthy We Must Have Healthy Body Constituents, Every Cell, Tissue, Organ Or System Should Be Sama Or Balanced, If It Is Out Of Balance Body Is Considered As Diseased E.g. If Cells Or Tissues Are Structurally Bigger In Size, Smaller In Size Or Malformed Then Medical Term For Them Are Hypertrophy, Hypo-trophy Or Dystrophy Of Organ Respectively Which Is A State Of Disease Where As Sama Or Balanced Structure Of Dhatus Is Called A State Of Health. To Be A Healthy We Must Have Sama Dhatu Or Equilibrium Of Structural Form Of Body. Tumors In Body That Can Be Benign (noble) Or Malignant (cancerous) Are Nothing But Unbalanced Dhatus Or Asam Dhatus. It Is True For Enlargement Of Liver, Heart, Kidneys Etc. Next Word In Shloka For Health Is

Sam Mal Kriya – Here Mal Means Wastes, Excreta Or Toxins And Kriya Means Functioning. Hence Sam Mal Kriya Means Balanced Or Normal Functioning Of Systems Of Wastes Disposal From Body Which Are Primarily Of Digestive System, Urinary System, Sweat Glands And Other Channels Of Body In Eye, Nose, Ear, Skin Etc. Which Also Excrete Wastes. If There Is No Proper Disposal Of Toxins, And Wastes From The Body They Will Adversely Affect The Body Functioning And Structure Thereby Producing Imbalance Or State Of Disease In The Body, So Disposal Of Wastes Or Toxins Is Equally Important As Is Maintenance Of Balance Of Body Functions I.e. Doshas, Or Structure I.e. Dhatus. So To Be Healthy, Have A Healthy Or Balanced Excretory System Or Sam Mal Kriya.
These Four Words SAM DOSHAS, SAM AGNI, SAM DHATU, SAM MAL KRIYA In The First Line Of Shloka Explain State Of Health Of Physical Body Only And Not That Of More Important Than Physical Body Segment Of Individuals, Another Extremely Important Plane Of The Body Because Of Which A Person Basically Falls Ill Is Mental Level. In Second Line Of Shloka That State Is Explained Through PRASANNA ATMA, INDRIYA, MANA. Prasann Means Pleased Atma Means Pleased Soul, Indriyas Are Sense Organs And Mann Is Mind. Atma Is Beyond Attributes And Is A Spiritual State, Which Acts As Observer It Cannot Be Influenced Destroyed Or Created. Indriya I.e. Sense Organs And Mann I.e. Mind Are Interlinked. Sense Organ After Coming In Contact With Their Objects, Transfer Messages To Mind Which Analyses Them And Put Impact On Various Body Organs Causing Their Normal Or Abnormal Functioning Producing Health Or Illness. So State Of Health Totally Depends Upon State Of Mind Influenced Through Sense Organs Or Indriyas. Sense Organs And Mind If Pleased Or Prasann Will Create Health And If Not Prasann (pleased) Will Cause Illness.
It Can Be Now Concluded That

&8220;Sam-doshaha Sam Agni Sam Dhatu Malakriyah! Prasann Atma Indriya Manah Swasthya Ityabhidhiyate!!&8221;

Is A Holistic Approach Towards Explanation Of Health In Total Where Mind And Body Are Considered Inseparable And Interdependent Entity.
Surprisingly World Health Organization (W.H.O.) Concept Of Health Which Is Read As &8220;Health Is A State Of Complete Physical, Mental & Social Well Being And Not Merely The Absence Of Disease Or Infirmity&8221; Is Almost Same As Defined In Ayurveda Which Reflects Richness Of India’s Native Wisdom In Health And Medicine I.e. Ayurveda, Science Of Life.
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