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Об использовании лекарственных растений в России

С исторических времен человека окружал богатый и разнообразный мир растений. В Древней Руси использованию лекарственных растений уделялось большое внимание, что нашло отражение в замечательном памятнике древнерусской культуры “Изборнике Великого князя Святослава Ярославовича (1073)”. В этой рукописи приводится описание растений, которые … more

Some useful herbs in Russia By Aliya Gazizova

Since ancient times a human was surrounded with a rich and lavish world of plants. The usage of medical plants was always paid a great attention even in Ancient Russia, this fact is reflected in ancient cultural literary work “Collected … more

Wim Hof, a Man of Conviction
BY SARPANA the Rev. Kristen Allis Urffer

Uncommon powers of meditation flow through one very unique man. He has set 20 world records for his ability to quell the natural responses of his autonomic activity and the muscle sympathetic nervous activity to face cold and heat under … more

A Call To Love
BY SARPANA the Rev. Kristen Allis Urffer

Over many years I have worked with people in a very up close manner through teaching dance classes, yoga and meditation work. The healing work that I do has gone through many transformations dealing even deeper into people’s personal past … more

Upon Tara
BY SARPANA the Rev. Kristen Allis Urffer

Upon this earth we walk. The gift if this bountiful terrain is enjoyed by many of us with great respect toward the maternal and seemingly endless replenishment of her resources. To look deep into the ancestral line of references to … more

Ability to float: Kristen Allis Urffer

When I make the walk from civilization out to the sacred stream there is plenty of time to think. During the walk you must separate yourself completely from modern communication, no phone, no internet and no street lamps or any … more

Finding Love in That Which We Fear

Above the river so high and around the bend in the road where people gather to bath the sound of a small girl whimpering rises up through the dried branches of an ancient tree. Everyone in the small village passes … more

BY Dr.P.M.Sharma.

When the effects don’t progress according to the aspirations; when colleagues, relatives and social groups don’t lend a hand of co-operation, while some one receives the ignorance from contemporaries, at what time the secondary sexual changes occur in the body … more

BY Dr.V.V.Katara

INFERTILTY: AN AYURVEDIC SOLUTION —– The Childlessness Is A Major Life Crisis For Most Couples In The Various Parts Of The World. Groups Usually Suppose That They Are Productive And Will Be Competent To Conceive When They Want To Have … more